Book CHOICE Letter

Letter Requirements:

  1. Length should be 2 full pages and written in letter form.
  2. Do not give me a full recap of the story; a short summary will do.
  3. Include the following:
    1. Title of the book (underline, italicize or quote)
    2. Authorís full name
    3. When the book was written (copyright date)
    4. What the book is about (short summary only)
    5. Where the story takes place
    6. Who is involved with descriptions (characters)
    7. What the book is trying to say (IMPORTANT)
  4. What are the issues raised by the book?
  5. What are your thoughts about these issues?
  6. What conclusions can you make about the subject of the book?
  7. Describe any new perspectives you have after reading this book.
  8. Do you relate to the book? Yes, no, why?
  9. Why do you think the author chose to write this book?  (Money cannot be the answer.)
  10. Anything else you might want to talk about.


Please be advised:

Though this will be written in letterform, I am still expecting good writing.


Grading: you will earn an A if, and only if, the following are present:

1.     Letter is a full 2 pages. (double-spaced, 12 pt, 1 inch margins only, if typed)

2.     Book title, author and copyright appear.

3.     All questions are answered.

4.     There is specific evidence in the form of quotations to support your points.

5.     Quotations are identified by page citations.

6.  Writing is clear and concise.

7.   Grammar and spelling are correct.

8.     There is evidence of deep thinking.


Grading: you will earn a D or less, if any of the following are present:

1.     Letter consists entirely of a summary of the book.

2.     Letter is less than two pages long.

3.     Words that are not your own are not in quotations and are not cited with page. (5)

4.     There is little or no evidence of thinking or effort.


Posted by Pamela at December 10, 2007 1:18 PM