1993 - 2005

Woman With Weird Eye; book of essays; in process

DownEast Magazine; "I Remember," magazine essays; 2001, 2002, 2003

Maine All Things Considered; MPBC, radio essays; 1997-2000

Sun Journal Sunday; Lewiston, Maine; "Voices," monthly essay; 1996-2002

View From The End Of The Road; self-syndicated weekly column; 1996-2002

The Lakes Guide; Bridgton, Maine, editor, profiles, personal essays; 1993-1997

Maine Times; "Tony Montanaro," cover, (1994); "Design Matters," editorial, articles, photos, (1994); art reviews, profiles, (1993-94); "Back of the Book" Essays, 1991-1997

Yankee Magazine; scenic rail travel; spring 1995


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