Hello Online:

Consider this the very first official message in our year of online communication. (Please notice the lack of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Remember, I expect the same from you.)

Online English is all about online communication. This will include many things: email, blogging, webpages, information design, searches, evaluating bias through research, online calendars, digital stories and more. I plan to run this class using google tools and gmail accounts. Though there are some issues with this, mostly that you may not be able to login to your gmail accounts from school, gmail has amazing, real-world capabilities. Given the possible problem with logging in-I am trying to fix this-we may have to use the BBS in the beginning.

I am excited about our class. I would love to meet all of you face-to-face, but we will have to find a time that works for all of us. I will also be sending more information of expectations, rules and regulations, locations of pages and some guidelines as to how often to check assignments and such. Please see your first assignments below.

Ms. Chodosh
P.S. You may receive two identical emails.
Please respond only to [ mailto:pchodosh@sad17.k12.me.us ]pchodosh@sad17.k12.me.us

Please do the following before Tuesday, September 4th:
1. Please respond to this email, so that I know you received it.
2. Go to google and get a gmail account:
a. Make your email address your given name:
b. Example: [ mailto:pamelachodosh@gmail.com ]pamelachodosh@gmail.com
c. When choosing a nickname, please use your first name plus the first letter of your last name: example: pamc
3. Send me a second email on the BBS with your new account information
4. Spend some time clicking on various google tools (Do not include gmail in this. There is a lot of other powerful stuff.)
5. Write and send me a couple of paragraphs in which you describe in detail three different tools available to gmail users. Be specific.

Ms. Pamela Chodosh
English & Writing: OHCHS

Posted by Pamela at September 10, 2007 02:48 PM