More info: Please read ASAP

Welcome to gMail and our class. (If you do not have a gMail account yet, you now have a zero for that assignment.)

Here is some important information and a few things that need to be done:
1. MEETING on September 11th during lunch in the presentation room.

I will be in Room E 118 (presentation room by the cafeteria) this coming TUESDAY, September 11th during all of 7th period. That will include all three lunches. I am requesting that you come in and have lunch with me so I can meet you and so I can make sure you understand what we are about here in our virtual Online English class.

2. GOOGLE TOOLS- assignment
Thank-you to those of you who have submitted your Google Tools assignment. For those who have not sent this assignment in, please do so ASAP. For all, please make sure this assignment has been emailed to this account ( [ ] with Google Tools in the subject line. (VERY IMPORTANT- send here even if you sent to my sad 17 email account) Other instructions will follow so check your gMail again soon.

3. INVITES to join our ONLINE group
I will be sending official invitations to all of those people who have gMail to join our online english group and blog. Be on the lookout for this message and follow the instructions included in it. If you don't have gMail, get it TODAY or you will be behind in our class.

4. SUBJECT line
NOTE: please use a subject for each email you send. If you don't, you will lose grade points.

5. Email Etiquette-assignment
Please read the attached document on email etiquette if you have not already read it. It is a pdf document. Confirm that you have read it by telling me so and by telling me what pdf stands for and why it is important.

Let's all get on the same page. Remember, this is an online class which requires independent work. It will be fun and you will learn something. I promise.

Ms. Chodosh

Posted by Pamela at September 10, 2007 3:19 PM